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Curious with Calvin Wayman

May 22, 2019

There’s a fine line between pushing yourself and pushing yourself too far.


But what’s the difference? “No pain no gain” after all, right? How do you know when it’s pain for good, or pain for “holy shit this isn’t good?”


On today’s show, that’s what my friend Colie Wasmund and I talk about....

May 20, 2019

Is it possible for “healthy” foods to be bad for you?


How do you know what’s good for your exact body?


Well the great news is, there is a TON of new research around biohacking and what’s good (or bad) for you, all thanks to information found in your gut. (The findings may surprise you.)


On today’s...

May 17, 2019

Did you know you can tell a lot about someone by seeing what’s on the home screen of their phone?


It’s true. But, don’t worry, I won’t be asking to share in the comments what’s on your home screen ;)


One of the apps on my home screen though is Audible. And even deeper than seeing what is on someone’s...

May 15, 2019

Getting yourself to do shit that scares you.


How to breakthrough a bad day (even before it happens!)


How to win on Instagram.


Getting back on track with your health and fitness goals.


And last but not least, the importance of unicorn blood and ass cracks for your success.


All of this and MORE is covered in...

May 13, 2019

Have you ever been to Europe? What did you like best? What did you notice that was different to your home country?

On today’s show, Bekah and I share our experiences from visiting London and Paris for the first time.


We had a BLAST, and we share some of our journey here. Tune in.